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How to Choose the Right Study Path for Higher Studies?

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Some of my buddies worried about their higher studies paths. Most of them were just needed a higher degree to get a safe and secure job. Thatswhy, they blindly continued their studies on such a track, contrast by either they like it or they don’t. But in my case, the scenario is totally different. In most of my stages, I ...

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Visa free Countries for Pakistani Passport


Pakistan is one of the best countries in world in terms of its beautiful landscapes, traditions, culture and music. Every year thousands of tourists visit Pakistan to explore its beauty. For last two decades, Pakistan faced an immense challenge of terrorism and instability due to regional foreign policies. Although within last 3 years Pakistan Army had completely overcome the giant ...

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How to Create a Facebook Fan Page? 10 Steps Full Guide


What is a Facebook page? A Facebook page, often called as Fan Page is your social public presence by which you can easily share your activities, connects with your fans/clients and announce any upcoming project and plan. Today, most of all world companies and famous celebrities have their official facebook fan pages. This is not only to show your online ...

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Why backlinks are important in SEO?


  Hi everybody, What’s up today in this tutorial you are going to learn the heart of SEO you might thinking is that something new in SEO. Lol no basically backlinks are the heart of SEO in my point of view. So what we are going to learn today let me notify some points that we will learn today! What ...

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Determination is a key to Success. Ahmad Alauddin’s Article


DETERMINATION Everyone is driven by his or her own determination to succeed, such as the determination to be outstanding among others. This determination is an innate quality hidden in our soul, which can only come to surface when an event irks it. To set a goal for the future is the easiest thing to do. But perhaps to achieve it is quite a difficult task. ...

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Top 5 Books about Entrepreneurship|Urdu Video Review

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If you want to start a business or plans to become an entrepreneur, watch following video for best 5 books review about Entrepreneurship. I have selected five best books to share with you in Urdu language. This video is recorded for Pakistani viewers and Urdu speakers. However, English speakers can also understand the theme easily because all frames contain core ...

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What are the reasons for downfall of Yahoo!?

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What are the reasons for downfall of Yahoo!? Internet pioneer Yahoo! sold to Verizon in just $4.8 billion that is much low value as compared to once its market value, that was $125 billion. However, this sale will unite Yahoo! with another internet giant of past days AOL. Almost every internet user, who have an interest in business analysis is ...

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What is Google Search Console? SEO Article


What is Google Search Console? Google Search Console formerly called Google Webmaster tools, is a collection of webmaster tools and resources to help website developers, SEO strategic planners, web marketers and other relevant website professionals to monitor and predict website performance in Google Search Index. Google Search Console contains some best features under these tabs to monitor a website’s indexing ...

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Best Quotes, Napoleon Hill’s Twelve Great Riches of Life

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I have read and recommended many books to others. In the category of financial intelligence and entrepreneurship mindset, Napoleon Hill’s book “The Master Key to Riches” is very good choice for new readers. He explained every aspect of entrepreneurship in a disciplined manner. Here are his 12 great riches of life. Positive mental attitude 2. Sound physical health 3. Harmony in ...

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