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5 Steps to Start your Online Affiliate Marketing Business

Ultimate Guide to Earn money online by starting your own Online Affiliate Marketing Business.

So you wanna earn money online. There are number of ways available online. In this article I ‘ll guide you step by step how to make money by affiliate marketing. Lets start now.

Remember! Affiliate Marketing is simply promoting a product for a commission in return. This is how affiliate marketing works:

How affiliate marketing works?

You can utilise this formula for your products too. Here I ‘ll guide you how to do:

Step1: Build a Product

To sell online, you must have atleast one product. Without a product you can’nt sell anything. The positive is that product ‘ll be anything, its upto you, it may an online product or offline or your services. Sky is limit.

Step2: Develop a Landing page/site

After having a valuable product/service to sell online, you need a landing page/site, which ‘ll used to order product/service. You can create a simple one to an advanced level. If you are not good at web development, You can hire some professionals like Al Noor Soft to do so.

Step3: Develop an automated referral script

At this stage you need an automated affiliate script. You can buy it from codecanon or any other source. If you are good at development, you can write it for your own.

Step4: Market your affiliate benefits to attract affiliate marketers

As your business to attract affiliate marketers, so you should have a page for affiliate marketrs where you mentioned the benefits they got to work with you. These benefits are like % on each sale, or a fix amount on each sale etc. Using EDDM USPS will allow you to market your business through mail.

Step5: Track your visitors and Pay each Affiliate marketer honestly

Each affiliate marketer has a unique refferal link, which can be track by both’s control panels. Generate proit report at the end of the month and send payments to referral/affiliate marketers honestly so that they ‘ll work more.


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