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15 Online Business Ideas that Need no Investment

With the help of the internet, one can start an online business without investment in many ways. In this article we are going to share 15 legitimate business ideas that require zero investment.

  1. Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting is a service where one is hired by an author to write articles or books, creatively for authors, one who writes is rewarded with money but is not credited for the work. It is a good way to earn cash without any investment.

  1. Blogging

Since the introduction of Web 2.0, blogging has become a very popular way to earn money; all you need to do is provide information that will attract the majority of the viewer. More the viewers will come more you will earn with the help of the companies who will be willing to rent ad space on your blog.

  1. Online writing service

Not everyone has the ability to write a sentence without being a single error. This is where a few websites have taken the initiative by providing common core sheets which parents can use to improve their grasp over the written language. Providing language skill is an optimum way of making money. If you have a great writing and creative writing skills so you can work as a freelancer, to provide writing services to those who are looking for it. It is a good way to earn money all you need to do is make your profile on platforms like, and, and start bidding for the project.

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  1. Online teaching

If you are a qualified person and have good speaking skills then you can take benefit from it and start giving tuitions to students who are willing to learn from you. You can teach them what you know or what you are good at.

  1. Online research

If you can earn without investment by opening online research business, you will need to conduct researches for companies online and send them the results of your research with the help of computer and its software.

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  1. Vlog

A vlog is a video form of a blog, as YouTube has become a popular platform to get first-hand news; you can also take advantage from it and provide news or information with the help of video and you will earn depending on the amount of views and clicks on ads on your videos.

  1. Write and sell ebooks

A person who has an interest in writing books either story or informative can earn money by just writing and selling ebooks on app stores or other websites.

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  1. Online store or shop

You can open online stores where you can sell stuff like groceries, luxury, clothing or etc to online buyers. You have to mention which area you are covering so that people from other areas do not order.

  1. Sell on eBay

eBay is a very popular platform to sell your used stuff that you no longer need and generate cash in a quick and easy way. All you need to do is list your item and send it to one who wins the bid after receiving money.

  1. Sell photos

People who are good at photography can earn income easily by selling their photos on platforms such as Shutterstock and Fotolia.

  1. Buy and sell domains

Another way to earn money is to buy and sell domains; this is a great way to earn money in the future because, like property, you buy and when its value increases you sell it.

  1. App development

Now everyone spends majority of their time on the Smartphone apps so if you know how to create one then you can earn money by creating a unique app that you are sure everyone will use and selling it on app stores.

  1. Proofreading

If you have good English writing skills and good command on grammar then what you need to do is provide proofreading services on sites like Freelance and Elance. You can provide proofreading service to all over the world and earn in different currencies.

  1. Sell software

If you are a software developer then there are people searching for you because they need a software developer who can make software for their firms, you can earn a great income from it. All you need to do is make a profile on a platform from where you can get the project.

  1. Translator

If you know more than one language then you can earn by providing Translation Services to authors who are looking for a translator.


There are lots of ways, one can earn online without spending a single penny. If you are looking for one that suits you then you can find it by first identifying your skills and interest then matching them with ideas mentioned above.

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