How to Earn Online?

3 ways to Earn money online by Blogging

Learn how to earn online by blogging. In this article you ‘ll learn 3 best ways to earn a serious cash by blogging.


Let me assure you that I am a computer science teacher, web developer and also new to blogging. Help n Guide is also a blog which is started to give guidance and motivation to entrepreneurs and youngsters. Let’s come to point, many of my friends and colleagues asked me: “How to earn cash online by blogging?” I am writing this article to answer all of those and my other online readers.

Let’s see what does it means by blog? According to dictionary the word blog is a noun which means “website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites.” And participation in sense of adding posts/articles to these types of websites (blogs) is called blogging.

It means everyone can start a blog of his/her own passion and expertise. You can also too :-). But the question is how one can earn cash by blogging? To understand this scenario, we have to understand the media industry, how newspapers and media channels earn revenue. If you observe their cash flow you can easily judge that it’s their audience/visitors/readers who made them strong and authority to earn revenue. The same game playing here. Blogs have to get attention of visitors/subscribers before jumping into cash game. Although in some special circumstances you can also earn without a huge number of visitors, however chances are very low and this scene is limited to some strategies and products. I ‘ll write another post about how would you attract visitors to your blog and increase your web traffic. Here in below I am sharing 3 best ways of monetizing your blog, which definitely works.


Advertising is one of the oldest and most used model of earning in blogging. People love to advertise their businesses on such a blogs which have a lot of traffic. There are many other advertisement options also available contrary to direct ad space sale. You can apply as publisher account over some of the best online advertising agencies and offer them to advertise their ads on your blog. Google AdSense, Tribal Fusion, Chitika are industry leaders in this manner.

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Affiliates Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is also another best option to monetize your web traffic. There are a number of products of your choice available which you can sell online and earn a serious commission. Almost there is no fee to get affiliate account on big businesses.

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Membership model:

If you are expert in any area, you can create some exclusive content and then offer paid memberships to get access to that content. This is a new type of model, as its online so there is no limit of number of accesses granted. However, you must be a famous expert to get success in this type of earning model.

There are number of other options also available, but I covered just 3 ones, which are easy to adopt and best in earning. I hope you find this article helpful. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. Regards