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5 Part-Time Business Ideas, You Can Start Today

If you dream of running a part-time business while keeping your present job or you want to operate a sideline business, here are 5 ideas which you can start part-time.


If you dream of running a part-time business while keeping your present job or you want to operate a sideline business, here are 5 ideas which you can start part-time.

Antiques Collection:
People often sell their old things and treasures because they don’t know the real value of them. If you are interested to collect old treasures and antiques, you can turn your passion into a full fledged business. And yes you can start it while keeping your business, means part-time. You can start by setting up booths at weekend fairs to sell your collection or rent a place at antique cooperatives.

Computer Tutor:
This is a most easy service business if you are expert or even a mediocre in any computer field, such as people are often interested to learn;

  • How to operate a new operating system?
  • How to develop a website/software or mobile app?
  • How to use word-processing and spreadsheets?
  • How to design graphics and logo animation in computer?

These are just a few examples; you can offer any service regarding your expertise and skills. You can start by joining an already set-up coaching institute or by giving home tuition.

Computer Hardware Consultation:

I you are good at computer hardware; you can use this expertise to kick-start your new part time business. You can offer your services to organizations to check and maintain their systems for monthly contract fee package. Even you can offer these services to home users too. You just have to plan your services, their fee and a business card in start. Put your cards/fliers in relevant places. Approach businesses with confidence and offer them your services at monthly subscription packages.

Personal Coach:
Explore yourself to find at which area you are best? And utilize this exploration to become a personal coach. You may be a good speaker, a good author or a good fighter (am not kidding). You can offer your skills to train and coach public and earn a serious income too.

Recruitment Business:

Develop a database of job seekers with their full details and when you have a good number of candidates’ data available, go to target businesses and offer them your recruiting services for a monthly/yearly fee. You just need understanding of database, your society relations, a laptop and a business visiting card to start this business. Moreover, you ‘ll gain good relations with business owners because you are going to solve their problems and find the exact candidate for their company. It ‘ll boost your worth too.

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