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5 Simple Yet Effective Twitter Marketing Tips for Beginners


Do you want to increase your tweets’ engagement and ultimately drive a good amount of traffic toward your blog?

Obviously yes! Then you need to improve your twitter marketing techniques through which you can increase your tweets’ engagement. Likewise other social media websites, Twitter is also a great platform for people to connect with each other. According to Statista report, more than 313 million users are currently active on Twitter and it is still increasing. Now think how much bigger platform is this and how much you can target your related audience online.

Twitter Usage

Today, a majority of digital marketers pay their high attentions toward Twitter marketing campaign because they know that they can drive high-quality traffic toward their blogs in order to generate leads and eventually sales. So why don’t you stay behind!

Let me cut the long story short, if you are running your online business or have a blog but worried about quality traffic and leads then don’t worry. Here, I’m going to share some simple twitter marketing tips that will leave good impact on your Twitter marketing campaign.


5 Basic Twitter Marketing Tips You Should Know

  1. Don’t Share Traditional Tweets

Research shows that Tweets without links get more engagement as compared to tweets that include links.

We all know that people are busy and they have not any spare time to read long articles and then give their personal opinions on it. They just want to get attractive information in short message so that they can save their precious time.

So, if you’re still sharing your tweets traditionally then hang on. Write an awesome quote in your tweet that seems to be attractive and catchy, then include your targeted link in it.

  1. Use Right Proper Hash tags

Using hash tags can increase your tweet engagement. Let’s say, you are going to share your recent post “social media marketing techniques” on twitter and you add #SocialMedia or #DigitalMarketing hash tags in your tweet then you will see that your tweet will be included in the list of twitter trends.

In twitter trends, people having same mindset usually share their ideas/opinions and include hash tags in order to express their feelings. If lots of people share the same thing with same hash tags then it becomes a Twitter Trend.

So, whenever you will use hash tags, other twitter users will surely find your tweet with same hash tags that you’ve mentioned in your tweet. They will obviously like and retweet it.

  1. Mention Influential Personalities

To increase your tweet trustworthiness, you should mention some influential personalities that work in the same business niche. Let’s say, you’ve published an amazing blog post in which you have mentioned any top marketing expert then you should mention his/her name in your tweet. In order to mention any people, simple put @ sign and then write his/his Twitter username i.e. @neilpatel

How to Tweet?

Mentioning people can increase your tweet engagement and ultimately will benefit your twitter marketing campaign.

  1. Tweet with Proper Format

Whenever you share your tweets, it is highly recommended that you should structure your tweet before sharing online. In the first step, you need to find the right quote and include in your tweet. Then move on and add the link you want to promote or share with your online audience. Thirdly, mention the person and use Hashtags.


It is worth to mention here that don’t forget to include high-quality images in your tweets. People love to retweet those tweets that have attractive images.

  1. Schedule Your Tweet Timing

If you’re targeting your Pakistani audience then check which will be the right time when most people come online and spend their time on twitter. Additionally, you should use Twitter Analytics to check the demographics of your followers. If you want to target Pakistani users but have low followers then try hard to get followers in order to target them effectively.


There are lots of other Twitter marketing techniques you can apply in your campaign but these techniques are supposed to be simple, free of cost and easy to grasp for beginners. So, just follow these simple tips, increase your twitter engagement and boost your blog traffic. Good luck!

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