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5 Steps to Start Successful Online Business

Are you planning to start an online business or wants to put your offline business online? If yes, then this article is especially written for you. In this article I ‘ll guide you 5 steps to start an Online Business.


Are you planning to start an online business or wants to put your offline business online? If yes, then this article is especially written for you. In this article I ‘ll guide you 5 steps to start an Online Business.

Let’s start, here are simple steps one should follow to launch a successful online business.

  1. Find out public demand and trends
  2. Build an easy-to-use website.
  3. Write appealing content to introduce, market & sell your product.
  4. SEO & SEM your website to get targeted traffic.
  5. Engage your customers with follow-up emails

Anyone, from a beginner to an experienced entrepreneur can benefit from this systematic way of launching an online business.

Step 1: Find out public demand and trends


Like any offline business, one should know public trends and demands before start any type of online business. This is a little bit about keyword research. But you don’t need to be an SEO expert. You can do just by observing Social Media, forums and your own interests. Remember one should start a business of his/her own interest. I mean don’t just rely on social trends, hear your inner voice and follow your likeness and interests too. This ‘ll help you to keep interest in business in future.

Before start, check your competitor’s websites, their business models and if you can do, make sale there like a customer to get a clear idea of what and how they are performing. This will help n guide you to build your online empire. Make sure you have enough training, if not – check out Drop Ship Lifestyle course.

Step 2: Build an easy-to-use website


As far as you choose your products to sell online, you need an easy-to-use website. Your website ‘ll be your online store/shop, so you have to be very serious in every aspect. What you need for a website is:

  • Domain Name & Hosting
  • Web Design
  • Ecommerce Script

Once you ‘ll register a suitable domain, got hosting then Web-design phase ‘ll be started. In this phase you have to decide how your website looks like? Take a keen look at your competitors site, write down their pros and cons, then analyze all. Hopefully you ‘ll get a clear idea about your upcoming design. No matter, what type of color scheme you use, but navigation should be clear and simple, and design should be customer friendly. If you are planning to choose a web hosting provider, I would recommend you read the New Reviews of ChemiCloud as they might be the perfect web hosting partner for which you were looking.

Step 3: Write appealing content


After hosting & designing a website, the most important step is to write effective, appealing and relevant content for your products, company and services. If you are looking for a web host, visit Mangomatter. You should clearly mention about your products, their benefits, sales price, shipment way and payment method. And don’t forget to the most important one in this phase which is “testimonials & review”. Customers are love to buy products which have a strong testimonials and reviews back.

Don’t ignore expert’s review, guest posting and article writing for promotion of your business. Write something helpful, send to publish in article directories, and in return they ‘ll place a link to your business, which help you to build an expert reputation as well as backlinks in search engines results.

Step 4: SEO & SEM your website to get targeted traffic

SEO Backlinks

You have a quality website with valuable products, now you need targeted traffic to visit your online store. Without traffic you earn nothing, no one visits your website, no products sale and no earning. To get Traffic you need SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing). The most effective SEM is Google AdWords. I suggest you to start with pay per click advertising. And don’t forget Social Media Ads, they are also very important to get traffic. You can start with Facebook Ads for social media advertising.

Step 5: Engage customers with follow-up emails

Email Marketing

Always build an email list of your clients/customers, even you should invite your website visitors to put their emails in that list by offering some type of reward. This ‘ll help your business in future. It means you are developing a life time relationship with your subscribers. E-mail marketing is one of the most effective and cheaper way of marketing, monthly rates are less than a minute clip ad on television, whereas response will be more than any other media.

Bonus:  Don’t ignore offline marketing

Although you are setting an online empire, but don’t forget that customers ‘ll come from real world. So don’t just rely on online media, market your business in offline media to be noticed fast. You can do this in many ways e.g. you can sponsor an event and/or use all type of traditional advertising available.

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