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5 Tips to Get High Marks in College Assignment Writing

A student crafted his college assignment perfectly with a lot of hard work. He straight away heads to submit the assignment, without giving it a second glance. He is well-satisfied and overjoyed with excitement. But, when he receives the assignment back, he gets depressed. Why is he depressed? He has scored lower marks than his expectations. Students often ignore the important requirements of the assignment.

Let’s have a look at the five vital tips that will help the students achieve higher marks:

Write the succinct content:

Consider a person who has successfully prepared a mouthwatering and delicious dessert. After eating it, the people immediately asks for the recipe. What factors accounted for the yummy taste of the desert? The ingredients! If the ingredients weren’t of good quality, the desert would’ve turned out to be bland. Similarly, the content (i.e. ingredients) matters a lot in achieving high marks in the assignments. The content must be of good quality; otherwise, the assignment will turn out to be pathetic.

Some of the students stick to a single source of information or even a single website for the assignment research. They don’t bother to discover the variety of sources such as books, experts, newspapers, journals and historical sites. The more the students conduct research from different sources, the more information they’ll gather. It will eventually help them produce a well-crafted assignment. Moreover, the research also helps the students write succinctly in the assignment. They’ll stick to the given topic, instead of wandering here and there. The sentences of the assignment must be clear enough to portray the right meaning.

Check the grammatical mistakes and Punctuation Errors:

Grammar is an important part of college assignments. It helps the students in communicating efficiently. Grammatical mistakes tend to create misunderstandings in the communication between the people. On the other hand, the punctuation errors change the meaning of the sentences. Let’s have a look at an example:

Let’s eat grandma!

Let’s eat, grandma!

It seems that there’s no difference between the two sentences. But, there’s a significant difference in the meaning of the two sentences. The first sentence aims to eat grandma in the dinner whereas; the second sentence aims to invite grandma to the dinner table. How did this change occur? Just because of a comma. Now, the students must have surely realized the importance of a comma in writing. Moreover, some institutions also include the marks of grammar and punctuation in the grading rubrics. Therefore, the student should make sure that he produces an assignment which is free from grammar and punctuation errors. It will earn him some extra marks.

Bonus tip: The student should thoroughly proofread his assignment 3-4 times before the submission.

Plan a neat structure of the assignment:

A well-built building also requires the proper planning of the structure before laying its foundation. Likewise, it is suggested that the students should clearly decide the structure of the assignment before starting the research. While planning the structure, the student should consider the flow of ideas and the paragraphing type. Furthermore, the neat structure allows the readers to understand the assignment easily.

Most of the students assume that if they don’t have good handwriting, they will not get good grades. Handwriting plays a vital role in the neatness of assignment but, these are some other factors that might help the students achieve higher marks such as:

  • Quality of the paper on which the assignment is done
  • The spaces between the words
  • Line spacing

Read the guidelines and rubrics carefully:

Before the submission of assignments, the student must read the instructions given on the assignment paper. The directions hold a lot of importance because if the directions are not followed properly, the student won’t be able to achieve a good grade. The students should make sure that they don’t ignore the instructions. If he’s told to write 3000 words essay, then he must write approx 3000 words only. Not significantly more than that and not even less than that.

Many of the institutions have some prescribed grading criteria including the marks for following the guidelines. If the student acts stubborn to the guidelines, he’ll inevitably earn lower marks as compared to the students who followed the guidelines.

Moreover, there are many chances of the student misinterpreting the instructions. Thus, he should head to his mentor or teacher straight away to clear his queries. In addition to that, it is important to learn what the question is asking to do. An individual must understand the specific terms such as Analyze and Contrast.

Check for plagiarism before submission:

Plagiarized content takes the students straight away from highest marks to zero marks. It might lead to severe consequences including legal actions, expulsion from the course or even from the institution. Therefore, before the submission of an assignment, the students must pass the assignment through the plagiarism checker. They can either do it online or take the help of reliable services.

When an assignment is well-crafted, an individual will surely achieve good grades. Hence, the students should incorporate these factors in their assignment to pass it with flying colors. Good Luck!

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