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9 Ways to Validate Your Startup Ideas

Putting up your own business is a good idea. But the backbone should be an idea that you think will work. So many companies have failed in this aspect of putting up a start-up idea. The big thing here is that they fail to validate what they have in mind. This is the only way you will know if your idea will work or not. You need to test your idea on your target market and get some results.

Validating the  idea for your product is the most important step before establishing a startup company. In fact, it is more important than any part of your business. At this stage, you are going to get feedback and information from the market you intend to sell to. It is okay to fail at first but you have to continue with it.

Sooner or later you are going to come up with a product that your market needs. You can only come to this point by validating your idea. Without going through this stage, you will not have a product that your market needs. Look for a need that must be filled, or a common problem that needs a solution. If you’ve noticed that people in your condo need dog walkers and sitters for their pets while they are at work, that’s already a proposed solution to a captive audience. The next step would be looking at how to secure the necessary permits to get this going.

Makes sense, right? For more brilliant ideas, this infographic shows you 9 ways to validate your business ideas.

Compiled by: Sarah R. Smith

Sarah Smith helps out with marketing and graphic design at She reads YA, sci-fi, and thrillers in her spare time, and travels as often as she can, which isn’t often enough for her.