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Best Ways to Boost Your SEO In 2017



SEO is currently considered the gateway to any online or Internet-based content. This is due to the increasing need for online content. As an owner and contributor to online content, there are various methods you can use to build your client base, such as Google search engine specialists. However, employing SEO techniques effectively and successfully is a difficult task, as it requires investment one’s time, as well as strategic tactics.

You should first work to identify areas of your business’s online presence that need the most improvement. For example, many people choose to focus a lot of their time on keywords. Some people go that extra mile and engage professional SEO agencies like the seo agency from Glasgow to manage their website’s ranking and visibilty. While working diligently on keywords is a prudent idea, you need to incorporate other as necessary, in an effort bolster your website’s usability. To help you on this you can visit for thematic keywords so you outrank the competition. As we know, upgrading one’s website usability ultimately improves user experience and keeps potential and current clients coming back for more.

What is Website Usability?

According to Seattle site designers, this aspect encompasses several elements. They work collectively in determining the ranking of your website. Some of the factors affecting website usability include the following:

  • Effectiveness. This highlights how easy users can accomplish their objectives when they get onto your website.
  • Efficiency. Besides being able to achieve their objective, how quickly can the user complete their task? Users navigate away if they cannot find what they need quickly. It’s also important to remember that the less time a client spends on your website, the more your SEO is harmed.
  • Learnability. This relates to how quickly the users learn to navigate the website.
  • Memorability. Here, you should inquire as to how easy it will be for users to find your website next time they google search it.
  • Error prevention. There are several errors on a website that affect SEO ranking

negatively. For instance, having a page on one’s site that displays the common “404-page” error.


After ensuring that you have good website usability, you can then proceed to other features that will boost your SEO. Finding the best SEO specialist Perth can help find other ways to boost your SEO this year include the following:


  1. Have High-Quality Content

Search engines primarily focus on the actual content and its importance rather than how optimized it is. Spending more time on optimization without ensuring you’re creating high-quality content is a waste of your resources. With that said, be sure to monitor the statistics of the site, the level of engagement, and what users expect from the page. Always have new ideas on your content that will engage the reader, rather than only considering the search engine. Doing so will increase your clients dwell time which can translate into a positive SEO ranking. That said, having 2000-2500 word articles or blog posts appears to rank highest in search engine results.

  1. Page Load Speed

The two major search engines, Google and Bing, take the page loading speed into account in their website ranking algorithm. Having a website with a long load speed will reduce user’s dwell time. Some users will only wait for few seconds for pages to load. There are various ways to increase your page load speed. Caching plug-ins, minimizing redirects, optimizing image sizes and streamlined codes are just a few ways to increase your page load speed.

  1. Header Tags

Header tags are an important way of simplifying your content. It prevents users from running into a wall of text and losing interest in your page’s content. Therefore, good formatting is essential to improving one’s overall user experience. This is also an easy way to make readers more willing and interested in spending time on your site.

  1. Outbound Links

Linking your content to more in-depth information from other authority sites can make your content more useful and relevant. This not only increases the relevance of your content, but also sends trust signals to Google analytics, thereby improving your ranking.

  1. Different Multimedia

Enriching one’s user experience is not only through relevant content, but also through images, slideshows, audio, and video. Video marketing has become an integral element in enhancing user engagement and overall engagement. Websites with videos have been proven to achieve a 4.8% conversion rate compared to the normal content based 2.9%.

  1. Layout and Formatting

Header tags are one of the huge layout and formatting styles you ought to engage in for SEO success. Proper formatting and selecting a user-friendly layout makes the content easy to scan through and digest. This implies that readers will stay longer on the site. Some simple formatting tips to increase one’s website’s usability include the following:

  • Easy to read typography and font size
  • Proper use of bold type and colors that call out important information while making the content aesthetically pleasing
  • Use of short paragraphs and ample spacing
  • Strategic insertion of bullet points and numbers
  • Breaking up content into sections headed by subheadings


Successfully increasing one’s SEO ranking takes a multifaceted approach. The tips and tricks mentioned above are insightful and come in handy when handling websites. Other important elements include inserting a contact us page, fixing broken links and working on site architecture and navigation.

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