Best WordPress hosting packages 2016


There are a lot of hosting companies available online, which have their pros and cons. But in this post I ‘ll discuss hosting packages and deals for WordPress hosting. First of all, you must keep in mind that what are the requirements to run WordPress. WordPress is much simple in requirements and run on any standard Linux based hosting server. Today, almost every Linux hosting provider company offering hosting of WordPress, this is the reason 20% of websites have WordPress backed. WordPress requirement for a web server is just following;

  • PHP (Latest version, i.e. 5.2.4 or higher)
  • MySQL (Latest version, i.e. 5.5 or higher)

Any web server having these two option, can run the latest version of WordPress. In most cases web servers that are using cPanel offers One-Click Install WordPress facility to their customers. This is a great advantage to beginner users, because by using One-Click install they can easily install WordPress in their hosting account, with any manual work, like uploading, extracting of files etc.

Al Noor Soft Online Services

Al Noor Soft is one of the best hosting provider for your WordPress site, because it provides you the best services at very competitive rates. At Al Noor Soft, as a client you got following services for every time of hosting;

  • Free Domain
  • cPanel hosting control panel
  • More than 100 1-Click Auto install scripts (Like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, e.t.c.)
  • Email Accounts
  • PHP My Admin
  • Backups Downloading facility


And for their specially designed WordPress packages, the rates are much competitive and services are great. Currently Al Noor Soft offering these three types of WordPress hosting account.

WordPress Basic ($ 3.99 per month):

This is the best option if you planned to run 1 WordPress at your domain. The details are following;

  • Free Domain (with Annual package)
  • 02 GB Disk space
  • 03 Email account @yourdomain
  • 20 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 1 Installed WordPress

WordPress Silver ($ 5.99 per month):

If your requirements are more than WordPress Basic package, then this is best solution to meet your requirements at best rates. The package details are following;

  • Free Domain (with Annual package)
  • 03 GB Disk space
  • 10 Email account @yourdomain
  • 20 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 03 Already installed WordPress

WordPress Gold ($ 7.99 per month):

One of the best hosting deal available on planet. J You will be amaze to read the details below;

  • Free Domain (with Annual package)
  • 05 GB Disk space
  • Unlimited Email account @yourdomain
  • 20 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 05 Already installed WordPress

If you know some other best deals, write down in comments.