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Corporate Gift Giving 101

Unlike finding Unique Gifts for Men on Any Occasion, when it comes to facilitating business relationships, corporate gifts go a long way.  Corporate gifts can do wonders for your business… provided that you get them right! Several successful businessmen fully admit the importance of corporate gifts and consider them to be an excellent, relatively cheaper communication and marketing technique. These gifts promote the business while at the same time render themselves useful to their receivers as well.

Choosing the Right Corporate Gifts:

As stated in the beginning of the post, corporate gifts help promote a business but only when they are the right kinds of corporate gifts. A good way to decide which gift item would be best suited for this purpose is to consider the image of your own business and use that as a guide.  Another helpful tip here is to keep the recipient (the client’s) personality in mind while selecting a corporate gift.

From stationary to branded clothing, cups, and umbrellas, a variety of things can work as good corporate gifts. You should be careful with such corporate gifts as stress balls and be sure that this gift will be appropriate. Although when I see the variety of stress balls listed at, it seems to be among popular gifts. You can really hit the nail on its head by considering certain ethical guidelines regarding corporate gift giving. They are as follows:

The Purpose:

The first of these guidelines is to consider what purpose do you want the gift item to serve? Are you intending the gift to work as a token of thanks or do you want it to do something more? If you intend the gift to get you some kind of a favour in return, then is it really a gift or a bribe?

If the client gets the message that they are being bribed, your corporate gift giving would backfire.

The Timing of the Gift:

While nobody dislikes receiving gifts, the timing of receiving the gift can play a huge factor in determining how your gift will be received. For example, the chances of having your gift well received when you give it to a client during a bidding process are very low.  How long have you known the client, is also a factor that needs to be considered seriously. If the client is somebody relatively new, then avoid giving gifts that might come across as too personal.

Most businesses give gifts during the holiday season. However, certain businesses take it up a notch and give gifts during other times of the year too. Giving a gift to a client on a date that marks the date of when the business relationship was initiated can come across as very impressive. It conveys the message that the client is somebody important.

Careful Customisation:

Many business owners believe that having your business’s logo printed on gifts can help in keeping the business’s name in the client’s mind. Everyday usage items like coffee mugs, tote bags, shirts etc. are excellent corporate gift items to get customised. Every time the client would use that gift, they would be reminded of your business. Think of them like daily advertising means.

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