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Determination is a key to Success. Ahmad Alauddin’s Article



Everyone is driven by his or her own determination to succeed, such as the determination to be outstanding among others. This determination is an innate quality hidden in our soul, which can only come to surface when an event irks it. To set a goal for the future is the easiest thing to do. But perhaps to achieve it is quite a difficult task. In most of the cases people especially students are unable to achieve them. Why is it? The answer lies in the fact that they have lacks of determination. Determination is among the important traits a person can bear. With determination, come strong will, optimism and a good set of priorities. Determination is of crucial importance in our life. No goal, in fact can be achieved without pure determination. Success obtained without determination is short lived and vanishes. So the question is how this determination can be aroused in a person’s heart. It’s not as simple as it looks. If it were that much simple then every person, setting goals in his life would be seen happily achieving it.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox says:

“There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.”

Concentration perhaps is one of the main reasons affecting determination. Let’s go through a life of kid who grows up with the dreams of becoming a doctor or an engineer or a pilot. Now his determination of becoming one keeps his dream alive in his eyes & obviously in his heart. Every time he opens the book, he studies hard and consequently gets good marks. Now as he moves to the bigger classes, in case of some children, their concentration gets diverted into other directions. Even sometimes his focus of becoming a doctor or an engineer starts losing. Perhaps he can’t concentrate because it might happen that he is so much indulged in sports, or involved in some bad deeds, or not keeping good company, well, there are uncountable reasons to define his loss of concentration but the fact is, once he has lost his concentration, it is very difficult for him to get back on track. Many students experience such problems, especially when they are in college level studies. They lost their concentration and hence that little gleam of determination flashing in their hearts vanishes. The results again lead to the failure of the boys.

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I can give as many examples as you want to hear, just to prove the importance of determination, whether it be the acquirement of a separate homeland or the suffering of Nelson Mandela in jail, whether it be the struggle of Louis Pasteur to invent the method of pasteurization or the intelligence of Bill Gates, in fact after every successful person there is a woman & now I would say pure determination too.

James A. Owen quotes:

“Your ability to shape your destiny is directly proportional to your belief that it is a matter of will and determination, however, much or little that belief maybe.”     

From the little experience I gathered in my lifetime, if someone asks me to define determination, I’d define it as,
    “That little gleam of light actuated in a person’s heart that bounds a person to strive for completion of his goals is called determination”.

Determination requires positive support from all aspects of your life, no matter what. You can have the ability to do it, but are you determined to make it happen?

About the Author:

Ahmad Alauddin is a Computer Science Graduate from Pakistan. He is an android developer, a freelance web developer, and an excellent football player.