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Digital Marketing Strategy – 5 Zombie Myths of Keywords

A Digital Marketing Strategy is complicated, yes, but you are probably wondering what Zombies have to do with it. Well don’t worry, (your brains are safe) all I mean is that these are some myths which just don’t seem to die, they stick around and confuse people. So for your Digital Marketing Strategy, let’s put the record straight today. If you have actually had anything to do with SEO you would know that Google Remarketing is essential to use. Sadly, across my time in Digital Marketing Strategy in I have discovered a variety of myths about Keywords that just won’t die.


MYTH 1: In your Digital Marketing Strategy Keywords don’t matter any more

There certainly is also the false idea that with each one of the changes that have been made, and the move in the direction of concept based searches, keywords don’t matter in 2015. This idea is misguided as keywords play a more important role than ever. It’s an evolving market that is continually changing and developing so you have to stay on top of the latest changes if you would like to succeed. In spite of what occurs, keywords will always be at the core of SEO.

MYTH 2: In your Digital Marketing Strategy Keywords should be densely packed.

The notion that the more regularly a keyword is used will equate into more success is an old-fashioned idea. There is no formula associating with the density and consistent rate of keywords closely packed together. The aim you should be mindful of is to have your particular expressions repeated throughout so that you can maximise their frequency while balancing well-flowing content that stirs up a more natural feel and readability.

MYTH 3: In your Digital Marketing Strategy, you optimise only one keyword at a time.

According to an expert from Scott Keever Images and Press, optimising just one keyword at a time was the strategy circa 2005 and since every one of the updates no longer can be applied to the market in 2015. If you only focus on the one keyword, then you will find that you have missed a number of opportunities. By branching out your keyword analysis you can include the broad elements while focusing your energy on the long-tail terms and the newer focus on conceptual keywords.

MYTH 4: In your Digital Marketing Strategy, Keywords should dominate domain names.

The days of domain names being a long string on nonsensical keywords are luckily at an end. The keyword rich domain names no longer have much true worth to a domain’s visibility. This means that you should really focus not on the keywords in your domain name, but can as an alternative start expanding and marketing your brand and focus on brand recognition.

MYTH 5: In your Digital Marketing Strategy it is acceptable to use ‘Keyword Stuffing’.

The overuse of keywords in odd and uncommon ways is better known as keyword stuffing. By now you should understand that this is not a practice that would be still supported in the 2015 environment. You should stay clear of alienating your readers and concentrate on the subtle and rational way to weave keywords into your content while nonetheless creating outstanding and distinct content.
As the CEO of Internet Marketing Experts, I understand the struggles that many people have when starting off the SEO, primarily when it comes to understanding keywords and your Digital Marketing Strategy. I myself ran a small business for a number of years and needed to learn SEO from scratch and by a lot of trial and error. Fix Now Media, which is a centre of online Companies that use the most modern technologies to grow their business, proved very useful. So bear in mind to start off strong and use the information and facts that you know. Once you have developed that base, learn as much as possible about SEO and be patient with the outcomes. If you come to a stage when you are unsure, or want to set your business apart from the rest, then consider having a chat to an SEO for better leads.

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