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How Social Media Plays the Vital Role in Engaging Customers?

Social Media Engagement is the use of social media to create great experience for the customers by involving them in association with the brand. Social media is emerging rapidly as the big platform for customer engagement. There are millions of customer engagement sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. But there are a selected few customer relationship softwares that Salesforce advocates that are only half as good as these social media websites. The social media play a significant role in attracting customers by:

  1. Crafting the captivating headlines:

Social media allows you to attract the user’s eye by writing an impressive headline. The headline can be written using humorous words in order to persuade the reader. The headline can pose a question related to the content to develop interest in customers. Different questions can be asked in the content through links which directs them to another post. The questions also encourage the customers for response.

  1. Posting visuals of good quality:

The visuals inevitably grab customer’s attention and the Kennected enterprise understands the same. The posts which include images along with the text are more appealing to the readers as an idiom says “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The images should be of high-quality. There is no business owner who would like to disappoint his customers through inconsistent content with low-quality pictures.

  1. Hosting a contest:

The social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram allows you to attract the customers by conducting contests. Contests are a splendid source of social-media marketing.  The contest can be conducted and the prize offered could be the most appealing thing for the customers. It has the potential to enhance the brand visibility. The customers can be asked to share the posts in order to get an entry in contest. You can also encourage the user-generated content through a contest. It naturally engages the customers.

  1. Targeting the audience:

It is the most important task for the engagement of customers. There are some social networks which are perceived to be used by specific age groups or gender. For example LinkedIn is mostly used by elderly people instead of teens. Teens are most likely to use Facebook and Instagram. It helps you to keep the business in the forefront of the people’s minds.

  1. Allows conversation with the customers:

The social media helps the user in giving response to customers in a timely manner. People are more attracted to those services which give quick response and feel that the business, value their comments and feedbacks. The customers expect you to know all about their network input and output, and expect you to provide a resolution to them in the minimum ESR. It is important to nurture the prospects as individual. Social Media is a platform for interaction, but sadly, 58% of customers who had bad experience didn’t receive any reply on the issue from the company. This little issue can cause loss in company’s revenue and damage the brand image.

  1. Social media profile links:

The social media links to the profile can be embedded on the website to draw the customers. Moreover, the links can be mentioned in the response to customers. It increases the chances that customers will visit that link.

  1. Targeted content:

The post can be about the current events. Mentioning the enthralling content that is related to the current events will help in engaging the customers. The posts can also be about social causes. Customers are likely to attract towards a socially responsible content, therefore the user can create a campaign about some social cause and spread it. Moreover, the curated content can also be shared to increase customer engagement. It permits the user to share someone else’s content but with the appropriate accreditation. Furthermore, mention the authors in the comments which will eventually result in your post being shared.

  1. Provides discussion forum for interaction with customers:

Google Hangouts, Facebook post and Twitter chats helps you in establishing a forum through which you can communicate with the customers. This will let the customers ask the relevant and necessary questions. Moreover, creative and succinct questions can be posted on the page with some humorous images. When some customers on social media are engaged and satisfied with the services, they become advocates for the company. They endorse the company with thousands of people instantly.

The use of these sites along with the number of active users of these sites is continuously growing, therefore the trend is assumed to grow exponentially. This trend has shifted from customer-company engagement to customer-customer engagement which is influencing the relationship of customer and company. Hence, it is imperative for the companies to have Social Media strategies in order to boost up their economy.

Author Bio:

Mark Jason Is an UAE-based designer and digital marketer who design posts & write content for social media. He runs presentation design company as a side. He is an experienced and a smart working individual whose motto is to deliver quality content for social media. He is highly capable to serve what is demanded by his client and his ability to meet deadlines is recommendable.