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How to Choose the Right Study Path for Higher Studies?

Some of my buddies worried about their higher studies paths. Most of them were just needed a higher degree to get a safe and secure job. Thatswhy, they blindly continued their studies on such a track, contrast by either they like it or they don’t. But in my case, the scenario is totally different. In most of my stages, I was confused due to having massive choices, instead of one and I had to select the best one. For example, after my HSSC, I had choices to join Business classes, Engineering Classes on Self Finance basis, Arts Classes. In this article, I ‘ll share you my ways to tackle that situation.

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There are many ways to select the best choice among others available. Here are some of my own experiences;

Write down Pros and Cons of each Study Path:

Take a paper and pen and write down the pros and cons of each relevant study paths. This will narrow your results. For example, if you have to select between two different degrees, write down the pros and cons of both honestly without thinking of your preference. This will utilize your mind to think more deeply and in the end, most probably you ‘ll also surprise to see the list generated by you. Remember, you just have to write down whatever comes to your mind rather than judging it is useful to write or not. Because this is your personal list, nobody will check it out in future. So write down whatever comes to your mind related to each degree program.

Consult with Parents:

Consultation with parents is a diverse situation and vary from person to person. Sometimes, parents are not literate and unable to suggest the right about their child’s higher studies. In that scenario, it is best to decide yourself and give them hope and believe that you take the right decision.

In other situation, when parents are a little bit literate but force their children to adopt the path which they think is right for them is sometimes worst scene ever seen. In that cases, I suggest you follow your own desired study path, even it is different to your parents’ selection. Use the above method of writing down pros and cons and give it to parents, so that they have a broad idea of your choice.

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Consult with Teachers/Mentors:

Consultation with teachers/mentors is much valuable in life. A teacher is always feeling glad to guide students.

Consult with Best Friends:

Best and close friends know you very well. They can tell you your strengths and weak points that may lead you to select the best choice for further studies.

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Decide yourself:

After all, consultations, conclude your decision and be sure that you are agreed to your decision. Don’t follow any one’s advice until you feel something Very Good in your heart regarding that choice.

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