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How to do marketing in low budget? Smart Tips for Entrepreneurs

How to do marketing in low budget? Smart Tips for Entrepreneurs

Each and every business needs a marketing plan, no matters how big or small that business is. If you are entrepreneur and wants to market your business with a low budget, then this post is especially for you. Hopefully at the end you will be able to do some smart moves to market your business.

There are massive number of marketing options available for businesses, some of them are vary from business to business. Some of them are listed below. I selected these options because you can adopt them with low budget and sometimes even with zero dollar. Here they are;

Instructional videos

People love to like, play and share instructional videos with their community. Tutoring and teaching kinds of videos channel attract new subscribers to subscribe. You can also create informational and instructional videos to help and guide other. You can do it with your cell phone. Try it now.

Social Media

Social media is new era marketing tool. Smart companies are investing billions of dollars in social media. You can also manage and market your business over there. You can add this in both way, invest in ads system or write professional posts and sharing that ‘ll target and attract your visitors/fans/followers.

Viral content

Write down posts of people interest and then share in public groups of related interests. Place some infographic and interesting, eye appealing pictures in them. According to a survey of web traffic, youngsters are paying much attention to infographics and pages having interesting images on them. One of the best method is to write exciting titles for your content. They yield in better result.


Survey is another marketing tool. People pay attention to you while they ‘ll answering your question. In this way you can convince/attract them passively to hear about your products.

Start a contest

People also interested to take part in contests. So by announcing and organizing a contest, you can get high attention of public. Always design contest with a surprising prize or benefit.


One of the best marketing strategy is affiliate marketing. You can learn more about affiliate marketing in this post:

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There are many other ways available, which ‘ll be cover in next topics. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of next articles.