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How to index your website in Google? Within 24 hours: Super-fast method revealed

You own a website or blog and wants to index in search engines especially in Google, then this article is specially written for You.

You own a website or blog and wants to index in search engines especially in Google, then this article is specially written for You. As its obvious that without indexing in search engines our website hardly get new visitors and readers. Because people love to search their related topics by search engines. Now a days Google holds almost half usage of internet. If your website is indexed in search engines, with proper SEO, definitely your website ‘ll also show in search results of related queries. To index in Google for a new website is sometimes a tough job for newbies. I ‘ll share my experiences in this article. Let’s move on.


Here is check list of steps you should follow to index your new website in Search Engines:

But before forwarded to steps, let me sure you that your site/blog must contain some content, which search engine bots find valuable. So write at least 3 posts before following all steps.

  1. Proper META Tags
  2. Back-links Strategy
  3. Site-map submission & ping
  4. Google Search Console
  5. Google Analytics

Proper META Tags:

Meta tags are very important to index and rank in search engines results. It’s not hard to add META tags in your website/blog. META tags presents in header section of your website source code. There are a number of META tags available to add, but mainly following are important;

  • Description Meta tag:

This tag describes your website/blog in search results of search queries passed by search engines. You may include a static description for whole website or use dynamically different description for each post/page of website/blog. It should be meaningful and maximum 160 characters’ longs.

For example, description of Help n Guide is something like this:

        “Help n Guide is your online guide to start online business, entrepreneurship, SEO of business website, business start-ups & student’s guidance and motivation.”

  • Keywords Meta tags

This tag consists upon search queries which you want to rank top in Google and other search engines. Keywords also describe the different topics, categories and topics that website/blog covered. Keywords are written in following syntax:

“keyword1, keyword2, keyword3, ….”

  • Title Meta tag:

Title tag not only display in title bar of browser, but also displays in search engine results.

Back-link Strategy:

Backlinks always give your website credit. If you can get a do-follow link from a website of page rank 3 or more, your chances to index and rank in Google boots fast. Although you can do it by using BlogSpot/blogger blogs and also relevant do-follow commenting in your website niche. Sometimes link-exchange also works.

Site-map submission & ping:

Building sitemap and submit it to search engines is another best strategy to index fast. You can ping XML sitemaps by using some online ping services available online. You can submit sitemaps to Google by using Google search console platform. Details for Google search console is below.

Google Search Console:

Use Google Search console tools (formerly called Google webmaster tools) for sitemap submission and Google bot crawling. It works very fast. If still you are not using, give it a chance and you ‘ll surprise to see results. You can use search console by Google login. It requires to verify your website by adding a specific tag to your header or by uploading a file to server. Once your website verified you can get access to add sitemap of your website.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a special platform created to monitor web stats and related services. Make an account there, verify your website and include Google analytics code in your pages. This ‘ll also works to index your website fast in Google.

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