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How to use Snapchat for Your Business?

While six in 10 Snapchat users like to message friends, numerous companies, including Coca-Cola, JPMorgan Chase & Co, and Vans, utilize Snapchat as part of their marketing strategy. Your business can benefit from Snapchat, too, so learn how to use the app and why it’s a good idea to embrace this social media tool as many have done with Instagram, Facebook and whatsapp plus.

What is Snapchat?

Launched by Stanford students in 2011, Snapchat allows users to send temporary images, messages, and stories from their mobile devices. Over 158 million people access the app an average of 18 times each day. In total, individuals spend up to 30 minutes a day in the app and create 2.8 billion Snaps.

How to Set up a Snapchat Profile

Begin using Snapchat when you download the app on your mobile device and sign up for an account. You’ll need to choose a username that aligns with your brand and makes sense for your customers. As an example, you could pick JanesBakes for your business Jane’s Bake Shop. Next, add a profile picture. It can be a high-quality photo of your company logo, team members or other brand images. You can now access your unique QR code, add contacts and get snapping.

Post Snap Ads

With a 10-second Snap ad, you can share a full-screen video with automatic volume. Each ad can include your brand name and a headline. Use your live, motion, cinemagraph, slideshow, or gif ads to share company information like details about a new product, links to your website or promotional offers.

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Create Sponsored Geofilters

When customers snap a pic near your location, they can select your sponsored geofilter and share your brand. Find dozens of templates under settings, and customize your filter with color and words. Pricing for a sponsored geofilter starts at $5.99, making it an affordable addition to your marketing arsenal.

Utilize Sponsored Lenses

Interact with your audience and bring your brand to life thanks to sponsored lenses. For instance, your customers can see themselves eating a donut as you advertise your bakery, or they can wear dog ears as you promote your dog walking business. Your fans can apply the lens after they post a picture or video, or you can add it to the Snap Stories you post.

Share Stories

Tell your audience more about your day-to-day operations, document a live presentation or plug into a big event like a national sporting event via Snap Stories. This content remains available for 24 hours and can be viewed numerous times.

Save Memories

In addition to the temporary feature, Snapchat allows you to save your Snaps and Stories. You can then recycle those images and post them again at a later time. With memories, you maximize your marketing time and budget.

Partner With Influencers

Snapchat influencers have built a large following based on their personality, style or genre. Take advantage of their popularity and build your brand awareness when you contact an influencer and inquire about a partnership. Influences often promote a brand or product for a fee, allowing you to increase your brand awareness and audience.

Tips and Tricks

In addition to the strategies listed above, you can try these tips and tricks as you use Snapchat effectively for your business.

  1. Upload content regularly. Like all social media platforms, you have to upload content daily or at least on a regular basis as you engage your audience and improve brand awareness.
  2. Mix up your content. Alternate between pictures, videos and stories, and cover different aspects of your business, such as daily operations, employee personalities and favorite products. Stay fresh so your audience stays engaged with your brand.
  3. Get personal. Use unique lenses, or ask different employees to take over your company’s Snapchat account each week and share an intimate look at their duties and department. But whoever you hand over the company’s assets to, ensure that they pass all the tests listed on the check people. When you showcase the personal side of your business, you help followers relate to your company.
  4. Interact with others. Snapchat is a social app, so follow other brands, answer all messages and return photo Snaps. As you embrace the social aspect of Snapchat, you also build relationships with your fans.
  5. Hold contests. Give away a promo code or other perks to fans who follow your brand, read an entire Snap Story or share a picture of them using your product.
  6. Cross-promote. Share your Snapchat handle or Snapchat QR code via your branded app and other social platforms so your customers know where to find you.

With Snapchat, your company can give followers a candid look at your business. Use this social media platform to build your brand 10 seconds at a time.