August 2016 Monthly Report



I created the Monthly Income Report page in the start of August 2016 and my plan was to share a fair income report with you to give you a fair evaluation and motivation. August 2016 was much challenging and lucky for me. Although I have not earned too much in this month, but I made some best decisions, which will be definitely lead me to success.

I bought some best books about motivation, business planning, and success stories as well as some accessories which I ‘ll be used in my upcoming projects. If I have to say the biggest news for this month is I got my Adsense approved luckily within 2 days after application. 🙂

InShaAllah I’ll upload detailed one from next month, as I am working on various projects. Here is a short monthly report for Aug 2016.

Increment in Social Media Followers:

Insights of August 2016 for Help n Guide ‘s Social Media accounts are given below:

Facebook Page: 46 New Fans (Total 2040 Likes)

Instagram: Total 169 Followers (at the end of month)

Twitter: Total 44 Followers

Youtube: Total 28 Subscribers

Income & Expenses Report


Coaching/Teaching: Approx. 270 $

Website Development: 12$

Public Speaking: None

Advertisement: None


Electricity & Internet Bills: 50$

Monthly Hosting Charges: 10$

Misc.: 10$

Salary of one of my subordinate (worked for one hour daily): 18 $

Books: 25$

Net Profit: 

Income: 282 $ (Approx.)

Expenses: 113$ (Approx.)

Profit: 169$ (Approx.)

 Muhammad Ahmed Raza

Founder of Help n Guide