September 2016 Monthly Income Report


After a whole month of September and some days of October. Here is monthly income report for September 2016. Let me say sorry for the late publication of this report. But I ‘m glad to say that September 2016 was a wonderful and motivational month for Help n Guide. Here are stats which also shows my words in numbers.


Increment in Social Media Followers:

Insights of September 2016 for Help n Guide ‘s Social Media accounts are given below:

Facebook Page: 3850 New Fans added to System WOW  (Total 5890 Likes)

Instagram: 32 New Followers (Total 200 Followers)

Twitter: 4 New Followers (Total 48 Followers)

YouTube: 47 New Subscribers (Total 75 Subscribers)

Income & Expenses Report


Coaching/Teaching: Approx. 319 $

Website Development: 12$

Public Speaking: None

Advertisement: None


Electricity & Internet Bills: 60$

Monthly Hosting Charges: 10$

Misc.: 10$

Salary of one of my subordinate (worked for one hour daily): 15 $

Outsourcing: 7$

Net Profit: 

Income: 331 $ (Approx.)

Expenses: 102$ (Approx.)

Profit: 229$ (Approx.)


 Muhammad Ahmed Raza

Founder of Help n Guide