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Online Earning Models – Top 12 Methods to Make Money Online

How to Earn Online?

There are so many methods by which you can earn a handsome amount from internet. It depends on user’s idea and skills which make everyone different in terms of online entrepreneurship. In this article, we ‘ll discuss top 12 Methods of Online Earning. As we know the internet is an evolving industry so this article will cover topics regarding 2017 age and beyond. In the End of this article, there is a video from YouTube which covers all these areas in the Urdu Language. Let’s begin;

Sell Online Services

This Online Earning Model is one of most popular earning model nowadays. Skilled persons can earn a reasonable (and sometimes great) income by selling their services online. Usually, it is called “Free Lancing” and there are many popular platforms of freelancing on which many jobs are listing and freelancers are getting their jobs by them. Basically, these types of platforms act like a payment processor and offer a marketplace for both parties to show off their skills and demands.

Online Advertising (Sell your website space)

Another big earning model is online advertising. In this model, webmasters sell their website’s space for a specific rate or in the case of Google AdSense and some other online ad publisher services, the CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Millie) depends on website’s content and visitor’s demographical area. Host website is called “Publisher” in this model. If you have a site/blog with unique content and receives a high organic traffic, you can easily earn a huge amount by adopting this model.

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Sell Online Courses

One of the fast-growing industry of internet is selling different types of Online Courses. If you have a skill, courage, and thrill to teach others, this is the right earning model for you. Instructors of some big Online Course offering sites are earning in 6 figures. You can start it in two ways either by joining one of the big online courses sites as an instructor or make a website for yourself and sell directly on your own platform.

Revenue Sharing websites

Some of the big websites share their revenue with content creators. If you can develop unique and appealing content, this model is suitable for you. Content can be in textual data as well as videos, images etc.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers are basically the persons who refer public towards an offer or product by marketing it. In this sense, whenever their referral buys that product/service, they earn a commission behind the scene. This process is called affiliate marketing.

Sell eBooks

An e-book is a type of Digital Product. Authors nowadays, publish their books in soft form (called eBook) and sell them online. There are many ways to sell your eBook. For example, you can sell your eBook over an affiliate network site by offering a commission for its price to affiliates, similarly, you can sell your eBook directly by your own subscribers’ list or website traffic.

Sell Physical Goods Online

If you run a store or trade in physical goods, you can sell them online too. By selling them online, you can easily enhance your target customers and able to reach more clients easily.

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Sell Digital Products Online

One of the biggest advantage of the internet for product developers is “digital product”. A person who can create a digital product has the ability to earn high. Product Developers list their product on a high traffic digital marketplace or sell it by themselves.

Membership sites

Membership sites earning model is useful for high-quality content websites. For a specific monthly or annual fee, members can get access to a library of high-quality content. If you have some valuable content, you can set a monthly or annually subscription for members.

Sell your Software Online

Software Development is a big industry, covers many aspects of information technology. What I mean here is to use the internet for getting clients/customers for your developed software. It can be done in various ways, e.g. you can either develop a package software and deliver it to the user when a secure payment made online or you can subscribe people to use your online software.

Online Jobs

Online Jobs doesn’t mean freelancing. Many international and local companies hire professional workers online. Both parties (employee and employer) decide a working plan and other necessary in-depth details about the job. In this case, hired professionals work from home.

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Sell your Photos

If you are good at photography, you can sell your photos online. There are a lot of photos libraries and marketplace available online, where you can submit your unique and high-quality photos for selling and some time for auctions too. It depends on you how you capture the best scenes in your camera’s lens.

There are more than above-mentioned methods to make money online, which will discuss in near future. However, these are the top of them. If you have any question, confusion or suggestion, please write down in comments. I hope you ‘ll find this article a great source of information and motivation. Cheers 🙂

Here are 2 Videos for Urdu Speaking Countries discussing all above mentioned methods in Urdu.