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Role of Social Media in Modern World by Murtaza Khurshid

Guest Author: Murtaza Khurshid

In the peaks and valley of social media.

Social media is like a platform where people can communicate with other people, share their information and ideas with one another primarily through the use of some tools and application of cell phones and internet communication.
The social media can be considered as a community or a network where different people let says users are interconnected with one another. The most common examples for the social media are Facebook and twitter that I am sure all are aware of. The e-forums and blogs are also included to be in social media tools because it’s also an effective source of sharing information, ideas views with other people interacting. It allows you to interact and communicate with different other people and also can do discussion and debates too.
Social media nowadays is considered as a main part of online communications and interactions. Every user is utilizing this social media up top to his own need and requirements. Businesses are using social media as a medium for marketing their products and services to their customers and consumers across the globe and they are getting a pretty positive response.  For the promotion of their brands and a source of acquiring new business and customers they are depending on social media usage.
It’s giving people the medium or the source to work on their own as entrepreneur. Like i will tell you about my supervisor i used to work with. I am a photography lover and one day looking through some photography related pages and there i saw an ad about needing photographer so i applied through this page and i got work there. So this media is providing new ways to get employed also on the on the other hand its allowing the people to show the world their work and specialties i am sure you have seen different people from different occupations have their pages like educational institutes, business, film movie industry, media people writers, doctors, students, and so many more  on their pages they show their work communicate with the viewers and also get their feedback ad responses from them and using as a guideline to improve their products and services what they are providing. Platforms like YouTube, a best effective way to show your work to the world free of cost all u need is the audience
Other people are using social media to communicate with other people of same interest and hobbies like let’s suppose your hobby is books reading so its common that you will definitely search the internet for books so these blog are the places that interconnect people and while you’re searching you will came to know that you are not only the person searching books so in this way it’s a good source or i will say platform that are meeting together people of same ideas hobbies or views.
As its modern age very less people are using the postal mail communication for interacting with friends and family and relatives so tools like Facebook twitter are connection friends with one another, family get-together and also you can connect to your old school mate, college friends of your ex colleagues.
i considered social media  as the latest and trending form of communication nowadays because almost everyone is using social media in one or another forms. I would say it’s a cheap, easy but an effective mode of communication regardless of the nature and content of the communication.
I am not taking about only on the positive aspects of social media but i will also talk about the negative aspect as I believe it’s discouraging the actual verbal face to face communication and dialogue delivering skills as one needs to be sit behind the computer screen and through their smart phone and tablets to use the social media. Limiting oneself to this online world only. One needs to physically interact with the living ones too. One needs to find time for their families and friends too.   IT is like a habit to most of the people. I will tell you about myself if open facebook everyday not sure why i open it but the first thing i do i wake is to open my facebook account. I have also seen people that are telling things they do in the forms of statuses. So yeah every coin has two faces the head and the tail.
The most common and debatable aspect of the social media is the privacy of the people is at risk. As with the modernization of technology this threats to privacy is also at high risk. The content on the online social media is too unsecure and venerable to the bad people out there that only theme is to steal your that data and can be used in a negative sense. So privacy is at risk.
Social media is limiting the physical living, I will support my statement with an example like I remember we friends used to meet up in summer vacation or even in holidays will actual meet up, made plan and go to places visit places and all that , I miss it I really do but with this social media now what we do we connect with facebook chat  and everybody seems so busy and all that so yeah this social media is impacting the lifestyles besides all the bright light its pouring into our life making our business and work to grow , nourish and develop.
I am not in almost favor and support nor against the use of social media communication. One should use it the extent to which it feels satisfied and it should not diversely affect the lifestyles in a negative way. One must not bound itself merely to the social media only. Also i am suggesting keeping up with the modern world and technology too. So i am putting you the judge to decide yourself whether it’s a good things to stay with or to make ourselves restricted to it.

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Guest Post Author: Murtaza KhurshidMurtaza Khurshid completed his Master in Business Administration. He is a freelance Professional event photo editor n digital Album.designer from KPK, Pakistan.