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Tips To improve Your Essay Writing Skills in 1 Week

In this era there are thousands of essay writers who particularly write essays and earn money. Many of them are expert writers and have writing experience as well also many of them are new or with a little experience of essay writing. Those who are new or less experienced require developing their essay writing skills, this could happen in just 1 week by using the following tips:

Tip# 1 Brush Up on the Fundamentals:

The simplest way of improving your essay writing skills is to understand the fundamentals of writing. Make you perfect in grammar through working on sentence fragmentation, comma usage and possessive constructions. Try interesting and intellectual exercise accordingly with your abilities to judge the changes and improvements.

Tip# 2 Read Other Writers Essay:

Reading others essay will help you to construct and expand your own writing style.I found it important to not skip this step whenever I start my research paper. Try to read essays written on different websites or in different books on different subjects not only those related to your interest factors, this will enhance your learning and writing strategies. Do not take others at face value be critical and analyze their essay and learn new techniques of writing. Online paper writing service may be useful at this stage as well. The other good source for improving writing skills in a week is newspaper, read the opinions of others for developing arguments.

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Tip#3 Build your Vocabulary and use it properly:

Build your vocabulary as it is the only powerful way to enhance your career life. At least do concentrated study of fifteen minutes on finding new words and use them in plain sentences. There is not any magic shortcut of learning words, the larger your vocabulary becomes, the easier will it be to connect new word with words you already know. So, the writing speed will increase as your vocabulary grows. Acquiring a large vocabulary can benefit you in your essay writing on different topics. It will enable you to understand others ideas better and to have a satisfaction of getting your thoughts and ideas across more effectively.

Tip#4 Words to help develop an argument:

Not repeating yourself sounds intelligent, as you are writing concentrate on using words efficiently to help build an argument and create a sense of structure. If you use repeated words in your essay, your reader views it as a sign of laziness. So, eliminate repeated words or phrase from your essay. If you want to keep the idea substitute a pronoun or search for an alternative. One more option that can improve your writing skills in a week is a bit difficult but effective, begin by crossing out the offending repetition.

Tip#5 Elevators pitching your Essays:

The elevator pitch is an idea used by salespeople when condensing the arguments for buying a product into the shortest possible summary of why a customer considers purchase. The elevator pitch for your essay should sell the idea of it to the readers, this is a really difficult exercise, as it forces you to be ruthlessly concise with your thinking and choice of words but this would help you to achieve clarity about your words.

Tip#6 Tell the readers what other people say:

Essays are a chance to show off how extensively read you are, so be sure about other people’s quote by keeping the original sources on what you are writing about. For each of the subjects you are studying, make a page in your diary and list the people who are working in the same field. Write a summary about their ideas and thoughts about particular subjects. This is the fastest way of polishing skills.

These are some useful strategies of improving essay writing in very short time duration, hope will get them valuable to take your essay writing to a new height.

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