Top 10 Time Wasters for Entrepreneurs – With Guidance Tips on Each


At Help n Guide, we are providing you some of the best advice we have in our minds. Use of internet sometimes becomes an addiction and aimless activity. In this article, I’ll share top 10 time wasters for entrepreneurs. This is a must read article if you value your time. So here are time wasters below with guidance tips on each:

  • Constantly think about what your competitors are doing.

The first time waster for an entrepreneur is that he always following his/her competitors and mostly think about them. In other words, utilizes mental approach in a work, which is of secondary value as compared to his/her own work.

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  • Frequently checking your mobile phone, because of useless notification distractions.

Nowadays, mobile SMS, chat groups, and apps notifications always flashing on our smartphone screen. It is a big time waster activity.

  • Constantly looking for new people to hire for positions, because staff is asking for more salaries.

Keep in mind, that a satisfied staff works better than staff who is worrying about salary, budget, and other financial circumstances.

  • Thinking about people who left you instead of those who are working with you.

Focus on those people who are in your team. Develop their skills and level them up so that you can grow easily, instead of thinking the best one who left you.

  • Non-effective use of social media.

Social Media is a time waster giant. Use it carefully and detoxify your accounts from spam.

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  • Too many meetings, even you can excuse attending.

To attend aimless meetings are also a time wasting activity. Avoid it.

  • Taking calls from friends during business hours.

While you are focusing on a certain project, power off your phone. But also give an emergency number to all your friend circle. So one can contact in an emergency.

  • Reading the wrong books.

Many of entrepreneurs, while in their earlier stage read books, which leads them to success. But be careful about books, they can change your mind within minutes. Always read the right one. Before picking any book, check reviews for it.

  • Too much partying, instead of staying focused on financial goals.

Young entrepreneurs distract by engaging themselves in too much partying. This is the time when one should focus on the ways to achieve goals.

  • Always blame others for any failure.

Keep in mind, you are the one who is responsible for all happen.

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