Top 5 Evergreen Quotes for Entrepreneurs


Here are my favorite Top 5 Evergreen Quotes for Entrepreneur. You can add your favorite quotes in comments.

  1. Your only Job until you have Cash-flow is to do things that get you Cash-flow.
  2. An Intelligent person hires people who are more intelligent than he is.
  3. You don’t have to be Great to Start; You have to Start to become Great.
  4. You want to know a little about a lot; rather than study more and more about less and less.
  5. If you hate risk and worry, Start Early.


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Muhammad Ahmed Raza

Muhammad Ahmed Raza holds Masters degree in computer science, education and Islamic studies. He is Founder of Help n Guide, motivational speaker, and computer science professional. He is an experienced website developer since 2008 at professional level, as well as web developer of Pakistan’s best and trusted online Urdu newspaper Falak News. Beside this he delivers lectures about computer science topics in different reputable institutions.