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Top 5 Home Remittance Services in Pakistan

Are you living abroad and looking a reliable source for the transfer of money to your loved ones in Pakistan? Are the available money transfer companies charging too much or selling at a high rate. Here is the right solution for you. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 home remittance companies operating in Pakistan and in last we get a company trading all these 5 services in its nationwide branches. Top remittance services in Pakistan are; Western Union, Money Gram, Ria Money Transfer, Contact and Intel Express.

What is remittance?

Remittance is the transfer of funds from one party to another, in which one of the parties is in abroad. The fund can be transferred through wire transfer, draft, mail or in the form of a cheque. Similarly, the term remittance is also used for cheque used to pay tax from a taxpayer. But mostly home remittance is the transfer of money from our loved ones from abroad. It plays an important role in developing a country’s economy as the companies receive foreign currency in the form of remittance.

How it works:

Sender goes to a money transfer office and provides the details of the recipient, and the amount of money to be transferred. While considering the method, the sender should consider the transfer fee and exchange rate.

Sending through wire transfer needs the bank to transfer funds to the local bank using the SWIFT method. However, this method is relatively expensive, as both the banks will charge transfer fees.

Using the online transfer method, sender and the recipient need to make an account with the money transfer company.

1. Western Union:

For Senders:

Western Union helps senders with funds transfer to over 200 countries in the world and has over 500,000 agents. It is the most reliable, fast and convenient source of money transfer, through which one can transfer money up to $3000 per person per day. So if you want your money to be transferred safely without any hassle, then go to the MTO and provide your details i.e. CNIC, occupation, full name, receiver’s name and address, the purpose of money transfer, bank account details of the receiver and any other additional information that is required. After that, you will have to acknowledge and sign the terms and conditions.

Western Union Receiving:

Money transferred through western union can be collected at different WU & its authorized agents’ locations. If you are receiving money in Pakistan, then you have to provide details like money transfer control number, your CNIC, estimated amount of money that has been transferred, the full name of the sender, name of the country from which you are receiving the money and optionally answer to a test question.

2. Money Gram in Pakistan:

Money gram works the same as a western union, but it also gives you the option of transferring your money using a bank account, through mobile, online transfer or you can also send in person. If you are sending online then you will have to select a receiver and fill out all the information related to the receiver, then select a payment option, i.e. credit or debit card and fill out your personal information and your job is done.

If you are sending through a bank account, then you can send money online to the bank anytime you want, or you can visit the bank and send the money in person, and your money will be sent in no time. Also, a mobile wallet in another option that lets you transfer your money in no time by selecting a receiver by providing a receiver phone number, select payment method and you are done.

MoneyGram Receiving:

Funds transferred through MoneyGram can be collected at different authorized agent’s locations. Nowadays many banks are also delivering facilities to receive and transfer money through MoneyGram. We advise you to collect your funds from authorized MoneyGram Agents only.

3. Ria Money Transfer:

Ria Money Transfer is another source to transfer your money safely and quickly in Pakistan and it is also cheap, so all you have to do is fill out your details and your receiver’s detail, select a payment method, select how you want the receiver to receive the cash, i.e. through bank account or in person and then press send and your money will be transferred in no time. The site also shows the current exchange rate, so that you easily calculate the amount of money the receiver would be receiving.

4. Intel Express:

Operates in the United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Georgia, and Ukraine only, so if you want to avail its home remittance service then all you have to do is visit its site and fill out the details, select a payment method, and you are good to go. It also has exchange rates available on it has to make it easy for you to convert your money into local currency using the exchange rates. Intel Express is the best when it comes to dealing in foreign exchange and financial services. They not only provide the best rate by they also do not charge any service charges on transactions.

Intel Express Receiving in Pakistan:

Intel Express has done an agreement with Pakistan’s premier currency exchange company “Sadiq Exchange” and they are the only one in Pakistan where receivers can collect their home remittance transferred through Intel Express money transfer.

5. Contact:

Last but not least, Contact money transfer is also another reliable source to transfer money to Pakistan. There is no such requirement of the minimum transfer amount, the process is really simple and smooth and does not take a lot of your time. You can also transfer money online through your mobile app.


Although Government of Pakistan take strict stands against money laundering and unauthorized channels of money transfer, but still there may be some kind of unauthorized channels available to collect home remittance in Pakistan, however it is highly recommended to go for legalize options only in terms of your hard earned income and your sentiments of love sent for your loved ones.

Sadiq Exchange is one of the best options we have in Pakistan for home remittance. Its nationwide network of branches and trained staff is the first choice in terms of sending and receiving of funds within and outside Pakistan. Sadiq Exchange is also the first and only one authorized agent of Greece based Intel Express money transfer company. They also have an affiliation with Jazz Cash for Pakistan based funds transfer. Visit any of their branches among 42 nationwide in Pakistan for currency exchange, home remittance, utility payments, demand draft, and telegraph transfer. You ‘ll find them friendly, best in rates and cooperative.

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