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What are CPM ads? Easy Definition

What are CPM ads?

CPM ads stand for “Cost per Mille” ads, also referred as CPI (Cost per Impression) and CPT (Cost per Thousand).  These are such kind of ads that paid for their impressions. CPM advertisers pay you according to impressions their ads received on your website. It’s a great idea to earn income for heavy traffic websites. Actually, CPM is

CPM = (Cost * 100)/Total Impression

What is a CPM ad impression?

An ad impression means once an advertisement appeared in your website/blog. This means you do not required clicking on ads by your visitors. Because even if they don’t click on ads, you can still be paid.

This kind of advertisement is normally used in television, radio, newspaper, magazine type website. In advertiser’s perspective each and every time their ad display they have to pay for that impression. It’s cost to pay for them.