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White Hat SEO Strategies to Boost your website ranking

Use these Best White Hat SEO Strategies to Boost your website ranking and traffic.


White hat SEO strategies are used to adopt for fair search engine optimization. It is an essential part to drive traffic to improve the ranking on google maps for contractors and other clients as well as to boost ranking in search engines results page (SERP). Without a proper SEO plan, no website stays at top for a long time. It’s possible that a website can rank for a keyword or phrase accidentally or by chance. But to stay at top and compete with other industry leaders, one should focus on a proper SEO plan. There are some strategies that can adopt webmasters and SEO experts to rank their website for specific keywords and phrases. These strategies are categorized in two types: white hat SEO strategies and black hat SEO strategies. Black hat SEO strategies are discouraged SEO industry leaders, because they are some black-list shortcuts to gain results while providing almost nothing to viewers and misleading website traffic.

In this article you ‘ll learn some white hat SEO strategies which are conjoined with some clickfunnels alternative 2019, that can use to boost your website. But remember that for better and long-term results you should do planned work, and then in somedays you will see results. Without a planned SEO, you will not get long-term results. Here it is;

These are some proven white hat SEO strategies to follow;

  • Keyword research
  • Offer quality content
  • Easy navigation
  • Use descriptive, rich meta tags
  • Relevant links
  • Sitemap

Keyword Research:

Keyword research means that find keywords and phrases that are related to niche of website. First of all, you must have at least 3 keywords and phrases for yourself that are used to clearly describe the nature of website, target audience and covered topics. Having some paper work done, you ‘ll proceed to next step that is called keyword research. There are many tools available for keyword research like Google AdWords keyword planner, Wordtracker, wordstream keyword discovery, Yoast Suggest and many others.

You can search yourself new keywords by manually search suggestion of search engines.

Offer Quality Content:

Once you have your set of keywords, start building content for your new website. Write each article and post to give benefit to reader. Give some cool content for Free. Use keywords and phrases that are collected and selected in step 1 in content to rank high in search engine results. Social Firestarter pushes further on behalf of each of their clients, whether that means redesigning a landing page or even an entire website to increase conversions, or upgrading the tools they use.

Easy Navigation:

Navigation of website should be easy and in front so that users can see and use it easily. Also websites having a fair and easy navigation menus show better in search engine results. Use of breadcrumbs is also another positive for website navigation.

Use descriptive, rich META tags:

Always use description META tags in header, title and menu links as well as image alt tags. You should to focus all these to build in relevance to your website’s main theme and keywords selected before.


In sum you should practice white hat SEO by keeping these points in your mind;

  • Searchers are looking for best answer to their queries, so content must be valuable.
  • Don’t spamming in any sense.
  • It’s OK to be in Search Engine’s index to blocked by search engines due to black hat SEO.