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Why guest blogging is better than advertisement techniques?


An advertisement has been the jargon on everyone’s lips for a while now, but a mass of people still does not understand how it actually differs from guest blogging. You may think that they’re both just creating content for your website, right?

But in reality, guest blogging and advertisement, each offers the market something completely different. Advertisement aims to showcase a brand’s personality while blogging aims to create a demand for useful information.

Still confused? Let’s break it down.

Content is the eternal backbone of a cohesive digital approach to marketing. For years, brands have been appointing writers to create content for their blogs. It is considered a paramount for the publicity of their brand.

For brands, regular and engaging content gives them the opportunity to connect with their consumers on a personal level. It shows that they care for their customers’ lives and interests; and that they’re something more than just a corporation. This is a methodology that draws buyers to the website and seeks their attention by providing captivating data.

These blog posts also give the organization more control of how they elaborate their label and their morals that they want to depict. They teach anything from profitable business ideas or gardening tips to recipes, brand news and much more.

From a digitalized opinion, blog posts are regular content that gives people a cause to visit your website and come back for more. It’s not wrong to say that blogging can be the lifeblood of online marketing as it helps to tell a story about your corporation and lets the buyers know that you care. On the other hand, advertisement techniques provide functional content that speaks to those patrons at different stages of buying and aids to drive more and more traffic to your site.


Now, what is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is a marketing technique used by bloggers to increase their blog traffic by publishing content on other blogs with a larger audience. Guest bloggers need to work closely with search engines and social media in order to do this effectively.

Guest blogging can work in two ways:

  • The post you write to appear on another blog with a larger audience so that you can get the chance to gather a new audience
  • A person with a larger audience writes a post to appear on your blog and then promote it via social media so that their audience comes to your blog to read that post. There is a chance that those new visitors will look through your website and they might like what they see.

Why guest blogging?

Think of your guest blog post as a valuable bit of information, not just an advertisement! It can be a great platform to share your proficiency with others. Furthermore, now that you have more traffic coming to your website through your blog, you have an opportunity to convert that traffic into leads. It has a vital purpose to educate your reader, not just promote your brand.

If your business revolves around selling products or services, we encourage you to feature it in your advertisement but there is a big difference between “selling” yourself and offering a solution to people’s problems.


Guest blogging provides a way to manifest yourself as an authority figure within your market and set up a relationship with other influencers in your niche. When it comes to guest blogging, don’t ignore the fact that you are talking to a new audience. Leave a good impression on them by expertly giving them advice on issues that they care about and showcase your abilities to form a relationship with them.

How is blogging different from advertisements??

An advertisement is a whole other thing. To the inexperienced eye, the content may just look like content. But for school, the difference between blogging and advertisement is quite clear. In blogging, the content is used in a much more integrated way. It can be any form of organization relevant e-book, data representation or even a useful tool. By developing these, you’re offering buyers something that they can use while at the same time, appealing to the buyer’s interest.

Advertisement, on the other hand, is just a sales pitch about why people should buy your product and what they can get from it. It is useful and it does have its purpose, but not all the time, because it gets boring really fast.

Typically, blogging not only advocates the brand’s product or service but also helps in building trust and loyalty by providing their followers with topics that present solutions to their problems and give them interesting information.

Where to Post?

Guest blogging can be extremely useful but the first step is to find a site that accepts guest posts. That is really easy because the internet is filled with websites and blogs that accept guest posts. You just have to follow their guidelines and submit a guest post by you that persuades the audience to come to your blog for more.

In a nutshell, blogging and advertisement are two different forms of branded content, but they aren’t mutually exclusive. Both are important and both serve a different role when dealing with customers. You just need to keep a balance

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Sadaf Sarwar is a regular contributor to Fincyte and Smartbloggerr. She is a technical writer and believes that blogging is the best way to present herself to a wider audience so she chooses this platform and has written on several topics including education, health, fitness, technology, sports, etc.